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    PHP Course
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  • Advance PHP
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Core PHP


Core PHP                                                                                                                 50 Hrs


  •  PHP Introduction                                                                                                         Class 1

o Web Applications and their types

o Server side programming technologies and PHP

o Interpreter based Execution Model of PHP

o Installation of Xampp/Lampp Server

o Setting path of PHP

o Syntax of PHP script

o Executing Hello world application of PHP

•  Data Types, Operators                                                                                                    Class 2

o Types of data in PHP : integers , string, floating numbers, Booleans , arrays etc.

o PHP Variables and Constants

o Imporatnt Rules for declaring PHP variables

o User-defined Constants

o String constants, variable interpolation into strings

o Assignment Operators

o Implementing Is-A relation using InheritanceRelational (Comparison) Operators

o Logical Operators

o Bitwise Operators

o Default Operator

o Operators precedence and associatively

•  Conditional Statements                                                                                                      Class 3

o If statement

o If-else statement

o If, else if, else statement

o Nested if statement

o Switch case statement

o Ternary operator

o Assignment to apply conditional statements

 •  Loops & Control Statements                                                                                                 Class 4

o While loop

o Do While loop

o For loop

o Nested loops

o Goto, Break, Continue and Exit keywords

o Assignment to apply loops and control statements.

 •  Loops & Control Statements Cont....                                                                                             Class 5

o Nested While loop

o Nested Do While loop

o Nested For loop

o Patterns

•  Functions in PHP                                                                                                                      Class 6

o Function as reusable components

o Defining a Function

o Calling a Function

o Passing arguments to a function

o Returning a value from a function

o use of include(), include_once(), require() and require_once() library function

o Assignment to apply functions

•  Advance Function Concepts                                                                                                   Class 7

o Default Arguments

o Difference b/w argument passing by value and by reference

o Defining and using Recursive functions

o Assignment to apply advance function concepts

•  Arrays                                                                                                                                    Class 8

o Understanding array as a collection of values

o Defining an array

o Accessing array elements using index

o Initializing array

o Using array() function for creating array

o Obtaining the size of an array

o Traversing array elements using while & for loop

o Using for each loop for traversing array elements

o Use of list() and each() functions in traversing array

o Assignment to use arrays

 •  Two dimensional Arrays                                                                                                    Class 9

o Defining a two-d array

o Accessing elements of two-d array

o Initializing a two-d array

o Traversing elements of two-d array

o Example of use of two-d array

o Assignment to use two-d arrays

•  Associative Arrays                                                                                                           Class 10

o Understanding an associative array

o Defining an associative array

o Initializing an associative array

o Accessing elements of an associative array using => operator

o Traversing elements of associative array

o Creating a Mulit dimensional array

o Assignment to use associative arrays

•  Common Array operations                                                                                                   Class 11

o Sorting array using sort(), rsort(), asort(), arsort(), usort(), and uksort()

o Use of array_key_exists(), array_keys(), array_values(), array_diff_key() functions

o Use of array_push(), array_pop(), array_shift(), array_replace(), array_slice() and array_walk() functions

o Use of in_array(), current(), next(), prev(), reset() functions

Assignment to use array functions

•  String Manipulation                                                                                                            Class 12

o Use of single & double quotes in representing Strings

o Use of basic string functions strlen(), substr(), strcmp(), and str_replace()

o Use of trimming functions trim(), ltrim(), and rtrim()

o Use of case changing functions strtolower(), strtoupper(), ucwords(), ucfirst(), and lcfirst()

o Use of position finding functions strpos(), strrpos(), and strstr()

o use explode() and implode() functions

o use of printf(), sprintf(), and sscanf()

o Assignment to use String functions

•  HTML & HTTP Basics                                                                                                        Class 13

o Request Response Model of HTTP

o Type of HTTP requests

o Difference b/w Get & Post Requests

o Basic HTML elements html, head, body, title and form

o HTML Input elements text, radio, select, button, submit, textarea, and hidden

o New HTML 5 Input elements email, number, range, and url

o Use of $_GET, $_POST, and $_REQUEST global variables

o Web based assignment to submit input forms having different type of input controls and request type

•  Introduction to CSS                                                                                                         Class 14

o CSS basics

o Applying inline & external css styles

o Defining css classes, elements, ids and applying them in html pages

•  State Management                                                                                                         Class 15

o Understanding stateless nature of HTTP

o Maintaining user state using $_COOKIE global variable

o Maintaining user state using $_SESSION global variable

o Maintaining user state using hidden form fields

o Maintaining user state using parameter appending to url

o Assignment to apply all the state management methods

•  Reading & Writing data from files                                                                                               Class 16

o Understanding need of file handling

o Creating file using touch() and fopen() functions

o Different modes of opening files r, w, a, r+, w+, a+

o Use of file read/write functions fread(), fwrite(), fgetc() fgets(), fscanf(), file_put_contents(), file_get_contents() functions

o Use of file utility functions fseek(), ftell(), feof(), filesize(), fclose()

o Assignment to create, append, write, and read file date

•  Interacting with File System                                                                                                      Class 17

o Need of File System interaction

o Creating directory using mkdir() function

o Removing directory using rmdir() funciton

o Removing files using unlink() function

o Renaming files and directory rename() function

o Use of opendir(), readdir(), scandir() and closedir() functions

o Use of is_file(), is_directory() and chmod() functions

o Assignment to perform file system operations

•  Advance File System concepts                                                                                                  Class 18

o Use of basename(), realpath() functions

o Use of __FILE__ and __DIR__ magic constants

o Reading csv files using fgetcsv() function

o File uploading & downloading

•  File System based Mini Project                                                                                                  Class 19

o Creating links of directories

o Uploading files and creating their links

o Deleting & downloading files using links

o Renaming Files & Folders using their links

•  MySql basic                                                                                                                                 Class 20

o Introduction to RDBMS Package

o Use of phpMyAdmin as interface of MySql

o Creating, removing and managing user accounts

o Creating, removing and managing databases

o Understanding different types of Storage engines Innodb, MyISAM, CSV etc

o Creating, altering and removing Tables

o Performing Insert, update, delete and select operations on the table

o Importing & Exporting database and tables

o Assignment to use phpMyAdmin for managing users, databases and tables

•  MySql PHP Connectivity                                                                                                             Class 21

o mysql PHP library as means of database connectivity

o Use of mysql_connect(), mysql_select_db(), mysql_query(), and mysql_fetch_array(), mysql_fetch_assoc(), mysql_fetch_object(), mysql_close(), mysql_free_result() functions

o Exeucting DML (insert, update, delete, & select) queries from PHP

o Exeucting DDL (create, alter, & drop) queries from PHP

o Assignment to perform DDL & DML operations

•  Advance MySql PHP Connectivity Concepts                                                                                    Class 22

o Executing queries in batches for improving performance

o Executing transactions, committing and rolling back

o Using limits for selecting records

o Using joins for selecting records from multiple tables

o Assignment to perform DDL & DML operations

•  Advance MySql queries                                                                                                                   Class 23

o Use of group by, having, and oder by clauses in select queries

o Use of between, in, like in select queries

o Use of aggregate functions count(), max(), min(), avg() in select queries

o Use of nested queries

o Assignment to perform use of these concepts in PHP applications

•  Obtaining database meta data in PHP                                                                                               Class 24

o Use of mysql_fetch_field(), mysql_num_fields(), mysql_num_rows(), mysql_field_name(), mysql_field_type(), mysql_filed_table(), mysql_field_len() functions

o Use of mysql_db_name(), mysql_list_dbs(), mysql_list_tables(), mysql_list_fields()

o Use of mysql_insert_id(), mysql_get_client_info(), mysql_get_host_info() and mysql_get_proto_info(), mysql_get_server_info() functions

o Assignment to perform use of these concepts in PHP applications

•  Working with MySqli & PDO                                                                                                         Class 25

o mysqli & PDO PHP library as means of database connectivity

o Prepared statements

o Stored procedures & Functions

•  A mini project using database                                                                                                   

o A mini web site having user registration, login, view profile, edit profile, logout in user interface

o View Users, edit user details and delete users in admin interface


Advance PHP:

Advance PHP                                                                                                                 50 Hrs


 •  Introduction to OOPS                                                                                                  Class 1

o Object Oriented Programming Model and its advantages

o Introduction to Object

o Introduction to Classification

o Introduction to Generalization

o Introduction to Polymorphism

o Introduction to Data Encapsulation

o Application of all these concepts in software development

•  Working with classes                                                                                                     Class 2

o Defining a class in PHP

o Adding properties and methods to the class

o Understanding scope of members of the class

o Creating object of the class

o Use of -> (member access) operator

o Invoking methods of the class

o Adding constructor to the class and using it

o Overloading methods

o Class & Object based assignment

•  Use of static, $this, and self keywords                                                                         Class 3

o Object vs Class Members

o Defining class members using static keyword

o Use of :: (scope resolution ) operator

Accessing static members in static methods using self keyword

o Accessing non static members in non static methods using $this

o Method chaining using $this

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Magic methods and Overloading                                                                                  Class 4

o Use of __construct(), __destruct() magic methods

o Use of __call(), __callStatic(), __get(), __set(), __isSet(), and __unSet() methods

o Use of __toString() and __invoke() magic methods

Overloading static & non static methods and invoking them using magic methods

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Inheritance Basics                                                                                                       Class 5

o Inheritance and its types

o Extending a class for code reusability

o Overriding methods

o Use of parent keyword for invoking super class constructor

o Use of parent keyword for referencing super class data member in subclass

o Use of parent keyword for invoking super class method from a sub class method

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Use of final, const and abstract keywords                                                                         Class 6

o Using final keyword for preventing overriding of methods

o Using final for preventing inheritance from a class

o Using const for declaring named constants

Using abstract keyword for declaring abstract classes and methods

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Type Hinting and Static vs Dynamic binding                                                                         Class 7

o Use of Type Hinting in defining method parameters

o Static and dynamic binding of methods

o Use of dynamic binding in runtime polymorphism

o Late static binding and its use

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Interface                                                                                                                       Class 8

o Class and Interface difference

o Role vs Feature based inheritance

o Defining and implementing interfaces

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Comparing & Iterating Objects                                                                                       Class 9

o Creating array of objects

o Defining methods to compare equality of objects

o Searching object in the array using equality method

o Iterating objects properties using for each loop

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Namespace                                                                                                                Class 10

o Need of Namespace to uniquely identify classes of same name

o Defining namespaces

o Defining sub namespaces

o Defining multiple namespaces in a single file

o Using namespaces

o Importing and aliasing namespaces

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Auto Class loading                                                                                                    Class 11

o Need of auto class loading

o Using sp_autoload_register() of defining an auto loader

o Using auto loader for dynamically loading classes

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Exception Handling                                                                                                   Class 12

o Need of Exception handling

o Defining an Exception class

o Use of try, catch, throw and finally keywords for managing exceptions

o Use of getMessage(), getLine(), getTrace(), getFile() functions

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Creational Design Patterns                                                                                         Class 13

o Design Patterns and their types

o Role of Creational Design patterns in object creation

o Use of Factory, Abstract Factory and Singleton design patterns

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Structural Design Patterns                                                                                        Class 14

o Role of Structural Design patterns in managing relation of objects

o Use of Composite, Decorator and Facade design patterns

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Behavioural Design Patterns                                                                                        Class 15

o Role of Behavioural Design patterns in implementing complex behaviours

o Use of Strategy , Observer , and Command design patterns

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Database Design Patterns                                                                                         Class 16

o Role of Database Design patterns in managing persistence logic

o Use of DAO, DTO , and Mapper design patterns

o Assignment to apply these concepts

•  Bootstrap                                                                                                                Class 17

o Need of standard and flexible UI design and bootstrap introduction

o Bootstrap grid model

o Bootstrap UI Components and Text elements

o Designing an interactive web page using Bootstrap

•  Advance Bootstrap Concepts                                                                                        Class 18

o Using Bootstrap icons

o Using Bootstrap NavBar

o Using Bootstrap drop down menus and buttons

o Using Bootstrap Modal forms

o Using Bootstrap Tables

o Application of these concepts in a web page

•  Introduction to JQuery                                                                                                 Class 19

o Client side programming and JQuery

o Introduction to DOM

o Adding JQuery to a project

o Understanding JQuery selector mechanism

o Selecting elements using element type, id and css class

o Basic JQuery functions: show(), hide(), toggle(), html(), val(), text()

o Use of JQuery in a web page

•  JQuery advance concepts                                                                                             Class 20

o Selecting elements using their index, value and attribute value

o Selecting odd and even elements

o Selecting first, and last elements

o Other JQuery functions: addClass(), removeClass(), css(), append(), prepend(), remove()

o Use of these JQuery concepts in a web page

•  JQuery advance concepts                                                                                          Class 21

o Selecting elements using their relation: child, parent, sibling etc

o Use of each() in selection

o Use of this in selection

o Main JQuery events: click, dblclick, keypress, keydown, keyup, submit, change, focus, load, hover

o Use of these JQuery concepts in a web page

•  AJAX                                                                                                                    Class 22

o Synchronous and Asynchronous request processing models

o Asynchronous request processing using AJAX

o Sending AJAX get request using $get() JQuery function

o Sending AJAX post request using $post() JQuery funciton

o Use of JQuery $ajax() function in sending get/post requests

o Use of AJAX in a web page

•  Use of JSON in AJAX                                                                                          Class 23

o Understanding JSON format for representing objects

o Use of serialize() and toJSON() JQuery() functions

o Use of json_decode() and json_encode() PHP functions

o Sending and receiving objects in JSON format using AJAX in a web page

•  Mail & Messaging                                                                                               Class 24

o Working with SMTP

o Working with POP3

o Gmail Configuration

•  Mail & Messaging cont....                                                                                           Class 25

o Mobile Message API configuration

o OTP Verification example

 •  Major Project using AJAX, Bootstrap, DAO, DTO and Objects                                                                                    





Frameworks/CMS                                                                                                                       90 Hrs


  • Cake PHP 3.X                                                                                                                   30 Hrs

  • Cake Introduction                                                                                                     Class 1

    o Introduction to MVC

    o Cake 3.x as MVC Framework

    o Understanding CakePHP application directory structure

    o Setting up CakePHP application

    •  Cake Request processing architecture                                                                         Class 2

    o Role of index.php as front controller or single entry point

    o Role of Controller and Actions

    o Role of Views and Templates

    o Creating and executing a simple cake application

    •  Understanding AppController                                                                                        Class 3

    o AppController framework class

    o Request parameters of AppControllers

    o Controller methods: set(), render() and redirect() methods

    o Controller request life cycle callback methods: beforeFilter(), beforeRender() and afterFilter()

    o Understanding controller request processing life cycle

    •  Creating Application Controller Class                                                                      Class 4

    o Introduction to action

    o Result set in Action and Display in view using set() method

    o One Action to other Action Redirection

    o Receiving request from Html Form and setting result for view

    •  Creating View                                                                                                                    Class 5

    o Creative View

    o Adding Content to View

    o Html helper

    o Behaviour and Managing Html helper element (css, html, link, etc)

    o Managing form helper element (from, create, input, button, end etc)

    •  Layout                                                                                                                              Class 6

    o Managing default layout

    o Display data through default

    o Creating element and using in custom layout

    •  State Management                                                                                                           Class 7

    o Discuss about State Management

    o Url re-writing, hidden-form field

    o Cookies and Session

    •  CRUD Operation                                                                                                               Class 8

    o CRUD operation with default method.(find(),save(),delete(),first(),count())

    o CRUD operation with conditional query with clause

    o Custom query

    o Model binding with Controller

    •  ORM                                                                                                                                  Class 9

    o Introduction to Object Relation Mapping

    o Understanding Cake' ORM Implementation

    o Mapping Is-A relation

    •  Mapping Has-A relation                                                                                                       Class 10

    o One-to-One relation mapping

    o One-to-many relation mapping

    o Many-to-many relation mapping

    o Making a Has-A relation bi-directional

    •  Routing                                                                                                                                 Class 11

    o Routing and url

    o Using Ajax & JQuery with Cake MVC

    •  A business site using Cake                                                                                                Class 12 to 15

    Joomla                                                                                                                                  30 Hrs

    •  Getting started with Joomla                                                                                                           Class 1

    o Introduction to CMS

    o Joomla as an Open Source CMS

    o Installation of Joomla

    o Customizing Joomla

    •  Joomla Control panel                                                                                                                    Class 2

    o Settings & Users

    o Menus & Contents

    o Components & Extensions

    •  Categories & Articles                                                                                                                  Class 3

    o Creating and Managing Categories

    o Articles and their types

    o Creating and publishing different types of articles

    •  Media Manager                                                                                                                        Class 4

    o Embedding Images

    o Embedding Videos

    o Embedding google Map

    o Embedding caleder

    •  Structuring contents                                                                                                              Class 5

    o Types and use of menu

    o Modules and their use

    o Commonly used Joomla modules

    •  Joomla Templates                                                                                                                  Class 6

    o Understanding the role of a template

    o Searching and installing a template

    o Customizing a template

    •  Joomla Plugins                                                                                                                    Class 7

    o Understanding the role of a plugin

    o Searching and installing a pluging

    o Commonly used Joomla plugins

    •  Joomla Components                                                                                                               Class 8

    o Banners & Newsfeeds

    o Contacts & Messaging

    o Search & Smart Search

    o Tags & Weblinks

    •  Joomla and Social Media                                                                                                           Class 9

    o Embedding facebook like & facebook login

    o Embedding linkedIn button

    o Embedding twitter button

    o Embedding google plus button

    •  Joomla and SEO                                                                                                                       Class 10

    o Google Analatics

    o Google XML site map

    o Adding SEO friendly tags to articles and images

    o Adding Meta tags to articles

    •  Optimizing Joomla site                                                                                                                  Class 11

    o Need of optimization

    o Caching contents

    o Commonly used optimization plugins

    •  A Joomla based business site development                                                                               Class 12 to 15

    Wordpress                                                                                                                               30 Hrs

    •  WordPress Introduction                                                                                                                  Class 1

    o Understanding the concept of CMS

    o WordPress Hosting Options

    o Installing WordPress on Server

    o Understanding Directory Permissions

    •  WordPress Dashboard                                                                                                                 Class 2

    o Common Dashboard options: pages, post, widgets, plugings, setting, user etc

    o Adding and removing Pages

    o Adding, Editing and removing Posts

    o Adding and removing Users

    •  Wordpress Content Management                                                                                                       Class 3

    o Difference b/w Posts & Pages

    o Organizing Posts with Categories

    o Connecting Posts Together with Tags

    o Using Permalinks to assign to url to pages and posts

    •  Content Management                                                                                                                Class 4

    o Creating different type of Menus

    o Organizing contents using Menus

    o Making a static page, home page of the application

    •  WordPress Themes                                                                                                                Class 5

    o Searching and Installing Themes

    o Customization of themes

    •  WordPress Widgets                                                                                                                Class 6

    o Using pre installed Widgets

    o Installing additional Widgets

    o Commonly used Wordpress Widgets

    •  WordPress Plugins                                                                                                                Class 7

    o Using pre installed Plugins

    o Finding and Installing Plugins

    o Commonly used WordPress Plugins

    •  WordPress Forms                                                                                                                Class 8

    o Using Login form

    o Using Registratin form

    o Using Contact Us form

    o Using a customized form

    •  WordPress Media management                                                                                                    Class 9

    o Uploading and editing images

    o Embedding image sliders

    o Embedding you tube videos

    o Embedding google map

    o Embedding calenders

    •  WordPress and Social Media                                                                                                        Class 10

    o Embedding facebook like and share button

    o Embedding LinkedIn button

    o Working with google plus author plugin

    o Embedding twitter link

    •  WordPress SEO                                                                                                                            Class 11

    o Need of SEO

    o Required plugins for SEO

    o Google Analatics plugin

    o Google XML site map pluging

    o SEO all in one plugin

    •  Advance SEO techniques                                                                                                              Class 12

    o SEO friendly images plugin

    o Adding ping list to notify search engines for the content changes

    o Wpsuper cache plugin

    •  A wordpress based business site development                                                                      Class 13 to 15

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