We provide 6 weeks industrial training in Java and Android to B.Tech, B.E. engineering graduates.


We provide 6 Months live project based industrial training in Java and Android to B.Tech, B.E., MCA, BCA students.


We provide customized and cost effective corporate training in Java, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, Android, and Angular JS.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Is Tech Mentro an Institute or a Company?

Tech Mentro is brand owned by Swarnim Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL). SIPL is a Noida Based Company that deals in Software Development and specialized Java training. Tech Mentro is the registered Trade Mark of SIPL i.e. SIPL provides training by the name Tech Mentro. You can understand this with the help of following example, Hindustan Unilever Ltd is the company and Pepsodent, Surf Excel etc are its brands.

How is Tech Mentro different from other Training Companies?

The fundamental difference between Tech Mentro and other Training Companies is of the Trainer. The quality of the training entirely depends on the trainer. If trainer is good, training shall undoubtedly be good. No training company mentions who their trainers are. We have the best trainer of the industry hence we have mentioned it on our home page itself.

The other difference is of specialization. We are specialist in Java hence we provide training only in Java. We are not like others who offer dozens of courses without having regular trainers for them. For us, Training is passion, for others it is business.

What certifications are provided after the course?

If you are enrolled in a regular course then after course completion, you will receive Course Certificate of Tech Mentro. If you are enrolled in 6 Weeks/Months Industrial Training than in addition to the course certificate, you will also receive Industrial Training Certification of Swarnim Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

Do the trainees actually work on some project?

Yes, those who are enrolled in 6 Months Industrial Training course of Java, Android or Angular are made to work on real projects after their training part is over. The project description and architecture is fully explained to them by the experts.

Can I take break or switch batch during the training?

Yes, you can take break during the course and can resume it later without paying any fee. You can also switch from one batch to another. Your admission is valid for one year i.e. even after the completion of your course, you can attend classes for revision in other batch if your validity period isn't over.

Do you provide Placement?

Tech Mentro doesn't indulge in false commitments of 100% job placement. We provide genuine placements to the deserving candidates. On the 25th day of each month, we conduct an assessment test in which OOPs, Multi Threading and collections topics of Core Java are covered. A trainee can participate any number of times in this assessment test free of cost. Those who score 60% or more in the test are given placement calls from our side. They are almost placed within a month or two.

Why don't you provide discounts?

To understand the rationale behind our no discount policy, you need to understand the difference between the cost & value. The former offers instant gratification and the later offers delayed gratification. The Fee you pay is the cost and what you receive in exchange, is the value. The cost is directly comparable but the value is not. Other training companies don't have much value to offer hence they reduce their fee or offer discounts to lure trainees who are only the cost conscious.

The value We offer, is far more greater than the fee you pay or the value offered by the other companies. Those who choose cost over value, rejoice at the time of admission but regret later. Those who choose value over the cost, has the last laugh because they gain more skills and get job earlier than others and perform better in their jobs. We are the best and we seek only the best trainees who know the difference between the cost and the value. Our no discount policy acts as a filter to keep away the non serious candidates from us.

What is your refund policy?

We are proud to be the only training company to have a refund policy. If a trainee for what so ever reason decides not to continue the training then his/her course fee (not the registration fee) is refunded as follows:

a) 1 to 7 days of admission i.e. date of joining the course, 75% fee is refunded.

b) 8 to 15 days 50% fee is refunded.

c) 16 to 30 days 25% fee is refunded.

d) After 30 days, no refund is entertained.


1. Registration fee is non-refundable i.e. if a trainee has paid only the registration fee then it shall not be refunded.

2. In case of Frameworks (Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services) and 6 Week Training, 50 % fee is refunded if the request is received within a week. After that no refund is entertained.

3. All refunds will be made by cheque only.

4. Following illustration shall help you to calculate the refund amount.

Let Person A has paid Rs. 6000/ as fee for Core Java Course including the Rs. 1000/ as registration fee. After 10 days, A applies for refund. He will receive Rs. 2500 refund as follows. (Fee paid) 6000- (Registration Fee) 1000= (Net Fee) 5000. Applicable refund b/w 8 to 15 days is 50% hence Rs. 2500 shall be refunded.

For more info:  8130-311-892,  9212-468-649

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Admission is valid for one year i.e students can revise the course any number of times if popular fee plan is opted.


Industrial training and course certificates are provided after the successful completion of each course.


We provide 100% placement assistance to all the students on the basis of monthly assessment tests.