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Hibernate Duration: 1 Month
Hibernate is widely used ORM framework. Basic functionality of an ORM framework is to persist objects of an application into database i.e. ORM frameworks free application developers from persistence logic so that they can concentrate on implementing the business logic. The purpose of this course is to provide in depth knowlege of Hibernate to the students.
    Course Content:-

Hibernate With JPA                         


    • Introduction to ORM & Hibernate
    • ORM Advantages
    • Hibernate Architecture
    • Hibernate Configuration
    • Session & SessionFactory
    • Basic persistent operations
    • Save
    • Update
    • Delete
    • Merge
    • Refresh
    • Eager & Lazy loading by Id
    • load()
    • get()
    • Id Generator
    • Increment
    • Sequence
    • Foreign
    • Hibernate Mapping
    • Inheritance Mapping
    • Collection Mapping
    • Has-A Mapping
    • Query Execution
    • Introduction to HQL
    • Criteria
    • Expression
    • Projection
    • Hibernate Caching
    • Introduction to Caching
    • Difference b/w firs & second level caching
    • Understanding second level caching architecture
    • Implementing second level caching using EHCACHE
    • Java Persistence API (JPA)
    • Introduction to JPA
    • JPA Configuration for Hibernate & Toplink
    • Performing Basic persistence operations using JPA
    • Inheritance Mapping using JPA
    • Has-A Mapping using JPA
    • Integration to other frameworks
      • Integration to Spring
      • Integration to Struts
Prerequisite:- Students must be familiar with JDBC and application development models used in                                  industry.
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