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Spring Duration: 1 Month
Spring is a general purpose framework that can be used in parts or collectively. Main concepts proposed by Spring are Inversion of Control (IOC) and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP). Apart from this, Spring provides Transaction Management support, Implementation of MVC for developing web applications, Template implementations for JDBC and ORM frameworks, facility to integrate enterprise services etc. The purpose of this course is to train student in IOC and AOP implementaion of Spring as well to introduce them to Template and MVC implementation.
   Course Content:-

Spring 3.x                            


    • Introduction to Spring Framework
    • Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection
    • IOC Container
    • Bean Creation
    • Construction Injection
    • Setter Injection
    • Auto Wiring
    • Bean Initialization and Destruction
    • Aware interfaces: BeanNameAware, BeanFactoryAware
    • Lookup Method Injection
    • Use of ApplicationContext
    • ResourceBundleMessageResource
    • Events and Event Handling
    • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
    • Introduction to AOP
    • Implementation of JDK dynamic proxy
    • ProxyFactoryBean and Advices
    • Applying Advices: Before,After,Around and AfterThrowing
    • Using PointCut and Advisor for fine grain control of advices
    • Spring Web MVC
    • MVC Architecture
    • Front Controller and DispatcherServlet
    • Spring Controller
    • Context Configuration
    • View Resolution
    • InternalResourceViewResolver
    • Stereotype Controllers
    • Request mapping by annotations
    • Path Variables
    • Handler method parameters
    • Handler method return types
    • Command beans and working with forms
    • Binding results and errors
    • Other Controller annotations
    • Other View resolvers
    • Exception Handling
    • JDBCTemplate
    • Introduction to Template Design Pattern
    • Applicability of Template in JDBC
    • JDBCTemplate class
    • DataSource Configuration
    • Dao Support
    • Transactions
      • Transaction Manager
      • IDeclarative Transactions
      • Transaction attributes
      • Transaction Annotations
      • Transaction Template
Prerequisite:- Knowledge of Core Java and J2ee is must for this course.
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